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Uninor Sim Booking Online: Uninor Telecom is back in India with a lot of new features. Recently, it is being said in various media that Uninor Sim Lifetime Free Call Internet has been introduced. In today’s article I will discuss in detail about Uninor Sim Booking Online.

Uninor Sim was the first SIM company in India to offer many benefits to its customers. Uninor Sim used to provide full recharge to customers. If the customer had recharged 10 taka, then 10 taka would have been credited to his account. Today I will discuss about Uninor Sim Booking Online.

But, due to some recent reasons, this Uninor Sim company closed down. But, Uninor Sim is coming to India to beat Jio, Airtel, Vi Sim. Benefit of Free Call Internet for one year with just 10 rupees. Besides, there is Lifetime Validity which can be very good news for customers. Today I will discuss in detail how to do Uninor Sim Booking Online.

Uninor Sim Booking Online

telenor sim online booking: Big news is coming from Uninor Telecom Company, that Uninor Sim is coming to India with the benefit of Lifetime Free Call Internet. Uninor Sim comes with some benefits, which can beat Airtel, Vi (Vodafone) Jio, BSNL. Lifetime is offering Talktime for just 10 rupees. Where Uninor Sim Lifetime Incoming call Free facility will be provided.

Also, you will get the benefit of Free 4G Internet & Calling for one year. For this reason many people want to buy Union SIM (Buy Uninor Sim Card Online). But, how true this news is is discussed below.

Uninor Sim Booking Online

Uninor Sim Recharge Plan 2023

First of all let you know that Uninor Sim was not active all over India, this sim was active in few cities in India. But, for the second time, Uninor is coming to India to take advantage of Sim Lifetime Free Call Internet. Uninor Sim was once the most popular Telecom Company, beating Airtel, Vi, Idea, Vodafone, Jio, BSNL.

But, due to some reasons Uninor Sim was sold to Airtel Telecom Company. But, he is coming again, to reign. Uninor Sim is the first Telecom Company to offer customers Rs.10 Recharge Rs.10 Talktime, Rs. Talktime used to give 50 taka on 50 recharge. In one word, he used to provide full talktime to the customers.

Currently there are reports from various news media and Netizens that Uninor Sim is offering Lifetime Free Incoming Calling service for just Rs.10. Also, Uninor Sim is coming to India with 1 years Free Internet, Calling services. Also, it is heard that Uninor Sim Calling will be charged as 10 paisa and 30 paisa, and Uninor Sim To Uninor Sim Lifetime Incoming, Outgoing Calling Free.

Uninor Sim online order

It is heard in various media that Uninor Sim is coming to the market to compete with India’s big telecom companies. At this time India’s Fastest Telecom Company Jio & Airtel. If Uninor Sim wants to push them back, it is not even possible for Uninor Sim at this time. Uninor Sim Telecom Company has not commented on this matter.

So, is this news false, it is not possible to say how true this news is, maybe Uninor Sim has a secret plan going on. But, as far as I know, it is not possible for Uninor Sim to provide Uninor Sim Lifetime Free Call Internet. But, whenever there is any news about this, I will let you all know first.

How To Book Uninor Telecom Sim

If you want to do Uninor Sim Booking Online, then one thing you must know is that Uninor Company has not released anything about Uninor Telecom Sim Booking yet. However, you cannot book Uninor SIM at this time. Whenever there is any new update about Uninor Sim Booking Online. I will try to bring it to you first. For that you join my telegram group, link is given below.


In today’s article I have discussed in detail about Uninor Sim Booking Online. You cannot now order Uninor Sim online. This is because Uninor Sim is not yet in the market.

I will write a detailed article for you when Uninor Sim comes to the market. Join my Telegram group to get this news first, link is given below.

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Q. Uninor Sim Booking Online ?

Answer: You cannot do Uninor Sim Booking Online at this time. Because Uninor Sim is not yet in the market.


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